Why do we choose side-lying for pregnancy massage?

pregnancy side-lying massage

The benefits of side-lying massage

We are often asked if we offer pregnancy massage with “tummy cushions.”  It is not our preferred treatment position option and we prefer to treat in the side-lying position.

You may ask “why?”  Here are our top 10 benefits of the side position.

  1. Supports the joints as they start to loosen, in particular the hips and knees
  2. Reduces the risk of an accentuated curve in the lower back.
  3. Minimises the strain on the uterine muscles
  4. Avoids intrauterine pressure which can “squeeze” the baby
  5. Reduces sinus pressure which is a common symptom during pregnancy
  6. Allows for the treatment of gluteal muscles without adding pressure to the uterus or straining ligaments
  7. Provides access to shoulder muscles for both massage and mobilisation
  8. Promotes rib cage release
  9. Reduces breast discomfort by allowing for the chest to be free of pressure
  10. When baby becomes more active, they tend to relax and wriggle less in the side-lying position letting mum relax.

We love this position and it can be also used for clients post surgery, who struggle to get comfortable on their tummy, who have sinus issues or who may feel claustrophobic using a face crest in the standard prone position.

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