Pregnancy Series – Trimester 3

Trimester 3 has the most obvious changes as both mum and baby get ready for birth.  Welcome to the concluding part of our series about key changes during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Third Trimester, Trimester 3

  • Baby is now well and truly on its way and growing at a rate of knots.  In no time it fills the abdomen to capacity compressing the stomach and digestive tract causing heartburn and indigestion. Continued massage throughout pregnancy of the ribs and upper back will ensure that the available space for mum’s internal organs are maximised.  This reduces the likelihood of such digestive issues.
  • An increase in the baby’s size also means that Mum will have to change her breathing patterns due to a decreased lung capacity during the third trimester.  This can mean that the neck and shoulder muscles have to help with breathing.  Massage can release this tension and assist with the discomfort of this compensation.
  • The pregnant “waddle” arrives in trimester 3 as the hormone relaxin contributes to changes in the hip region.  This can put additional strain on the lower back and knees as they attempt to keep mum upright and moving.  Massage of the lower back and legs can assist in keeping these areas comfortable in the late stages of pregnancy.
  • Fatigue, stress and sleep disruption can all come into play at this stage in the pregnancy.  Stress about the upcoming labour, worrying if everything is ready to bring baby home and discomfort caused by bodily changes and baby movement can result in mum feeling less then fabulous.  Massage is a safe and supportive place where mu can share concerns, ease aches, relax and enjoy pregnancy.

Know someone who is heading into the third trimester or well on their way to their due date?  Give them the support and relief of a pregnancy massage to help them in this last stage.  Contact us today to discuss gift options or to book an appointment.

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