Pregnancy Series – Trimester 2

Continuing our pregnancy series looking at the changes to the body during each stage we are looking this week at the second trimester.

Second Trimester Pregnancy

  • Time for that “Baby Bump” to start growing!  Muscles through the front of the abdomen start to lengthen and weaken to make space for the baby while muscles in the lower back start to tighten change the way your hips will sit.  Massage is great during this phase to assist with releasing the excess tension in the lower back and hips to keep you comfortable and flexible.
  • As the hips start to tilt and change position it is also common for the neck and shoulders to move to compensate for the new spinal positioning.  This can cause tight shoulders and tension headaches through the neck.  Massage can assist in relieving this tension and improve overall posture during pregnancy.
  • The growing baby can start push up on the diaphragm and internal organs making it more difficult to breathe and creating a shortness of breath and tightness in the rib cage.  Massage of the ribs can help alleviate this discomfort and open out the ribs to increase available space for the lungs to inflate.
  • During this trimester it is possible for mum to start to feel the baby move.  Massage in this period can be helpful to settle baby down, especially if they are preventing sleep.  Ask your partner to come along to one of your sessions and your therapist can show them some techniques to help both you and baby sleep at night.
  • Leg and foot cramps may begin  as the baby begins to absorb calcium, potassium and magnesium for its developing muscles and bones. Massage can assist to ease cramp discomfort and it is an old wives tale that legs cannot be massaged during pregnancy.  A qualified massage therapist is certainly able to help.

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