Pregnancy Series – Trimester 1

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing a summary of the changes which are experienced through pregnancy and how massage can help at each stage of gestation.  This week we start at the beginning with Trimester 1.

Pregnancy Trimester 1

Changes may not be visible to the outside world during trimester 1, but they are none the less apparent to both Mum and her massage therapist:

  • A boost in estrogen can cause changes to begin in the breasts, including a slight enlarging and tenderness.  This can lead to “hunching” the shoulders and a tightness of the pectoral muscles.  Massage in the first  trimester can assist with reducing the tightness and improving comfort during this change.
  • Progesterone relaxes smooth muscle tissue and enhances the secretion of relaxin.  Relaxin affects the elasticity and movement in the joints.  The most affected joints are those of the pelvis and weight bearing joints such as the ankles, knees and joints of the foot.  This can lead to discomfort in these areas.  Massage can assist in keeping mobility in these joints and keep mum flexible well into the pregnancy.
  • Towards the end of the first trimester, the “baby bump” starts to be visible.  This is the point at which a massage will usually need to be changed from a tummy laying position to side laying or pregnancy pillow table options.
  • For many mothers the first trimester can be a very stressful and anxious time and the usual “symptoms” of stress such as a tight neck and lack of sleep can affect her just as much as prior to the pregnancy.  Massage can assist in reducing these physical aches and assist with relaxation to improve sleep.

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