Who is behind Enliven Remedial and Pregnancy Massage?

Feeling comfortable with your massage therapist is really important and it can take time to build that relationship.

To give our clients and followers a head start in that process, today we are asking questions of Emma, our director and head massage therapist.

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in England and moved to Australia in 2000.  I love it here and Australia is home for me.  Its nice to visit England from time to time but I’m not planning on moving back.

What made you go into massage?

After finishing a business degree at university and spending a good decade or so in IT and big business I was ready for a change.  Working in big business has its “pros” but the biggest “con” for me was that I was working long hours in a company that didn’t value my input and achievements on their behalf.  It was a toxic environment and I knew I could be so much more productive and helpful in a different space.  Massage was something I had always enjoyed as a client and I decided to go back to school and learn the skill so I could share the benefits with others.

What made you start ERPM?

ERPM was born from a few different starting points.  Firstly, I could see a need in the market for a trustworthy, qualified and accredited massage service in a market where “chinese salons” reign.

I had been working as an employee for a boutique for some time but was restricted by the services I could perform and the clients I could see.  By making the leap and starting on my own it is possible to follow my own desires in massage therapy and can branch in whatever direction I see needs my help.

I will also say it was thanks to a few good people in my life giving me the kick up the proverbial to do what I enjoy doing!

What do you enjoy about providing massage services?

I love the people I meet through my services and being able to help them be the best they can be whether that be through increased range of motion, pain relief or relaxation and general well being.  Even though I understand the science behind what I do I am always amazed by the many benefits of massage and being able to watch my clients grow and improve each time I see them whether it be weekly or once in a blue moon.

When you aren’t in the clinic what do you get up to?

I’m a little bit of a workaholic (but lets face it, its not work if you love what you do!) but when I’m not in the clinic I like to read, garden, walk, hangout with my friends and my dogs (yes, I’m a crazy dog lady and call them my fur-babies!)

Do you have a family?

I still have the pleasure of being the kid in my family (yes, even at my age!) and I’m lucky enough to have my parents living close by.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Anywhere without internet is always a favorite!  Locally I would say Maleny or Stanthorpe but if I’m going to international it would have to be Kuala Lumpur.  The food is amazing, the culture is so diverse, there are lots of historical landmarks to investigate and the people are so friendly and helpful.

If you won the lotto tomorrow what would you do with it?

The same as most people – pay of the mortgage!  But with what ever was left over I would look to expand ERPM to be able to provide quality services to as many people as possible.  It would be great if I could set  up a geriatric branch to help in aged care and it will happen one day, with or without the lotto win 🙂

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