Your guide to preparing yourself for your first massage

Its crazy to think, but some people have never had a massage!  Self-conciousness can keep many people away from the massage table but rest assured your massage therapist has seen people of all shapes and sizes.  Birthmarks, moles, body hair, tattoos and scars are all part of the job and no-one is going to notice the extra 5 kilos you put on during your last holiday.  Your massage therapist will be purely focused on ensuring your first massage is as enjoyable and beneficial as possible.

There are several really easy steps you can take to make sure that you get the most out of your visit and that your first massage, won’t be your last.

Before Arriving

  • Relax!

    Massage is there to assist in providing support and relaxation to both your mind and body.  The more open you are to the experience the more benefit you are likely to get out of it.  Remember that the massage therapist is there to help you in whatever way they can and that the session is all about you.
    To reduce stress and anxiety before the massage make sure you have plenty of time to get to your appointment so that you aren’t rushing.

  • Drink water and eat small

    Drinking water will assist with keeping you hydrated through the massage.  Eating a big meal right before a massage can also be uncomfortable.  Just think that it is likely that you will need to lay on your stomach for a period of time.  If that 5 course, steak lunch isn’t going to sit well it might be worth delaying it until after the massage or swapping it for a salad.

Upon Arrival

  • Check in
    Once you are checked in you may be asked to complete an information sheet.  This will help the massage therapist gauge what they are require to do in your session and you will have an opportunity to discuss the upcoming treatment and what you are comfortable with.  It is important to communicate honestly regarding any allergies, injuries or medical conditions which may impact your massage.  This is also your opportunity to let the therapist know whether you would like to be still and quiet or talk in your massage, listen to music or if there is a particular style of massage you would like to try.

  • Undressing

    When you enter the room you will be given some privacy to disrobe.  Remember – you only have to undress to your level of comfort.  A massage therapist will work through any clothing you have opted to leave on and it will not impede your treatment.  You will be provided with a towel to cover yourself with and it will be used to drape any parts of your body not being massaged.  Modesty is respected at all times.

Massage Time

  • Provide feedback
    Give honest feedback during the massage.  If there is something which causes discomfort let them know immediately.  You can also let the therapist know if there is something you are enjoying or if you would like a pressure change.  Although you are on the table you are 100% in charge of what is happening.

After the Massage

  • Take your time​
    Spend a few moments laying on the table while you prepare to leave.  Getting up too quickly can lead to dizziness and lightheadedness.  Sit on the side of the bed for a moment before getting up.  Dress slowly and relax back into your day.

  • Get ready for next time!
    Upon exiting the massage room be sure to ask about scheduling more appointments.  Massage has cumulative benefits which mean over time your will feel even better, more relaxed and pain will be reduced.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. Massage is an enjoyable experience, and first visit you’ll be counting the minutes until your next massage.

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