What is a safe space?

Massage in a safe environment

What is a safe space?

At Enliven Remedial Massage it is important to us that every client has a safe space to enjoy their treatment.

What does that mean? For us it includes the following:

  • Client confidentiality and seeking permission before talking with any other involved allied health professionals.
  • Support and care if a client requires an emotional break
  • Understanding and acceptance for people of all backgrounds, faiths, gender identities, sexual preferences and race
  • Listening to each client as an individual and working with them for the best outcome whether that be a session of light hand massage to build trust or a full deep tissue remedial massage to relieve pain. Each person is different and we embrace every unique circumstance.
  • Honesty and having the integrity to advise when we are unable to assist or can only provide limited solutions.

If you have any questions or want to change something in your treatment we are there to listen and improve our service to meet your requirements.

Want to know more about our safe space policy? Contact us today.

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